Waterfall shower Heads Guide to Shopping

Are you sick to death of a shower that just produces a bit of a sprinkle? Then it sounds like you need to consider upgrading your shower. There are many cool options for you to consider but we are going to take a look into the very best in waterfall shower heads on the market right now.
A great waterfall shower head will simulate being stood under a tropical waterfall that is with a thick invigorating flow of warm water coming down onto your head and body. Most of these shower types are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted. You can always adjust the pressure as well as the temperature so that you can choose between a forceful kind of massage or a light gentle one that soothes the body and the soul.

So do Waterfall shower heads mean more water usage?

Yes they will use up more water than in conventional showers but they still meet the federal flow-rate standard requirement. So don’t worry too much about that. Just invest in a much more pleasurable shower experience and you really won’t regret it. There are also some water efficient waterfall shower heads that will reduce your water bill considerably.

Price is not everything

As the old saying goes, the price is not the main thing when choosing the right waterfall shower head for your home. While a lot of the cheaper ones are actually quite good these days we found there to be very little difference between the mid-range and the high end shower models.

Style is everything

When it comes to style, there’s so many cool showers to choose from and this is the main thing in our opinion. Do you go for a clean brushed nickel modern style or do you go for a 1960’s retro style? The choice is yours and we recommend that you buy one to match the d├ęcor of your bathroom and not try to introduce another style of shower.